Episode 26 – Softer Dudes

Click the Image Above to Download. Or this sentence. Or Don’t. It’s Your Life. Episode Description: Join Wally and Mikel for another whirlwind tour of Marshfield, WI! Talk about a cliffhanger, it’s the… Continue reading

Episode 25 – Dudes Do Hopped Up

An epic North Shore Sobercast! Yes, the Dudes do indeed return to Lutsen for equally epic Hopped Up Caribou Beer Festival. Fresh from the burbs, the boys are back in the woods, sipping local brews… Continue reading

Episode 24 – 2 Dudes 1 Hotel Room – Part Deux


Episode 23 – California Dudin’


Episode 22 – Book Snobs

Great news for iPhone users! Official Dudette Stephanie informs us that iPhone users can only hear the first 20 minutes of the show before it starts over. So did we make some technology… Continue reading

Episode 21 – The Extreme Spectrum of Life

The beers are back! The Sober-cast was a cute little detour, but the Dude Brews have returned in full force! This episode we’re gettin’ down with some beers from Wally’s new stomping ground:… Continue reading

Episode 20 – The Sober-cast

  It was a whisper on the lips of the hosts. A joke. A myth. And now…the revolution will be podifized. The Dudes are kicking off 2015 with a Coffee-cast…aka THE SOBER-CAST. Are the Dudes… Continue reading

Episode 19 – The Dudies 2014

Hoppy holidays! It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was the time of year when every day is a reason to drink. Thus, the Dudes phone it in… Continue reading

Episode 18 – Happy Dudesgiving

Forget Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, and Skanksgiving (that’s a thing, right?)–this is DUDESGIVING, baby. Celebrating all the things dudes are dudeful for: great beers, great food, and great actors. That’s right, the Dudes are finally… Continue reading

Episode 17 – 2 Dudes 1 Hotel Room

FALL…on your knees, b***********ch! It’s autumn, Halloween is right around the corner…and the Dudes completely ignore all of it. But there is plenty scary about this episode. From the Dudes selling out, to… Continue reading