Episode 13 – The Dudes of War

ep 13

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WAR is the word of the day. For starters, it’s a battle for the mic–4 dudes, 3 microphones, and everyone thinks their God’s gift to radio. Josh is back as Dude 3, and the Dudes welcome the latin sensation known as Nico discussing–at length–his views on Chilean Law, Peru’s new coast, and a sex monster from the Philippines. A twist on the Dude Brew Sampler this week, Dude 2′s sensitive side, and wrap it all up with a lighter side look at weapons and fear. Let the battle begin!

*This episode is laced with the musical stylings of Queen. Don’t sue us.


Dude 2′s Mystery Sampler of Intrigue!

...the hell?

…the hell?



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Episode 12 – The Dudes Strike Back

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Click to download this episode!


New year, new dudes.  After a long, long, LONG hiatus, the Dudes get back in the saddle with special guest Josh sitting in as Dude 3. We’re talkin’ resolutions, professionalism, the year in film, Wally News, the revolutionary new Beer Church, and, of course, the Dude Brew Sampler Pack.  Join us as we shake off the dust and stretch the proverbial radio legs.









> > Episode 12: The Dudes Strike Back < <

Episode 11 – The Dudes Reset

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Click to download this episode!

RESET!  RESET!  Much like the archaic 8-bit Nintendos of yore, the Dudes press the proverbial RESET button and take things back to their roots.  No cannibalism, no nicknames, no beers from Wisconsin.  Just Dudes doin’ their thing…like inventing fashion statements such as “North Shore Gangster.”

  • Dude Brew!  The Sampler that Almost Wasn’t:  The Summer Montage from Odell.
  • Civilized Dudes!  Adventures in the Big City!
  • Culture Swine!  A summer movie breakdown and a heads-up on coming fall movies.  The Dudes make their picks.
  • Wally News!  No penis news–Reset! Reset!–but prepare to get puckin’ fumped about new Star Wars rumors, Transformers talk, Mark Wahlberg impressions, and the Affleck/Batman controversy continues (or comes to the North Shore finally), and what trumps the Vader Fridge???

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The last of the Summer Samplers.

The last of the Summer Samplers.



State Fair Recap - included MN craft beers!

State Fair Recap – included MN craft beers!



The Flights of Dude 2


NSG - North Shore Gangster

NSG – North Shore Gangster

Mikel’s Retrospective Show Notes

  • I have nothing to say here….Just listen to this:

Bonus Download – The Fiber One Incident

Episode 10 – Dudes Gone WILD

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Click to download this episode!

Nature.  Wilderness.  Jungle.  Concrete Jungle.  No matter what you call it, the Dudes have to face facts–they live in the extreme north wilderness of Minnesota.  The ramp-up towards camp-out continues as a Dude 3 sits in to discuss survival in the WILD.

Probably not “Concrete Jungle.”

  • Hop Trouble – We polish off the last of the Wisconsin summer samplers: The Rush River Summer Mixer.  Only 3 beers in this thing…what’s the  mystery 4th beer?
  • Dude 3 in the House – Camping guru/masseuse/breadmaker Josh drops in to remind the Dudes to “Remember Nature” and prepare them for the North Woods.
  • Sidehill Gouger! – Mysterious creatures of the North Woods and the reemergence of the Wendigo…or 3 of’em?
  • Wally News – Unfortunately no penis news because the news gets cut a little, uh….short by a, umm, surprise guest.

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Dude Brew

Dude Brew

dude count EP 10

Dude Count

Feed the Rush

Feed the Rush

Click if you just can't wait the 4th brew reveal.

Click if you just can’t wait the 4th brew reveal.

Darkness descends on MKA Studios....even BEFORE we finish the sampler!

Darkness descends on MKA Studios….even BEFORE we finish the sampler!

Real darkness.

Real darkness.

What the hell is this thing?!

What the hell is this thing?!


Mikel’s Hyperboreal Show Notes:




Episode 9b – The Dudes Man Up – Part II

*Hey, geniuses, this is PART II!  If you want to hear PART I, click THIS!


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Click to download this episode!

Man up!  More Dude Brews, Wally News, and Camping Blues!  The SHOCKING conclusion to last week’s episode.

  • Finishing up the 6-brew sampler from Stevens Point Brewery.
  • Now with even MORE penis news!
  • The premiere of the sentimental, emotional DEAR WALLY segment….or as we start to slur it: WALLY HELP.
  • BAIT MY HOOK!  The D2′s 5 Nerdy Questions becomes 5 Manly questions as we discuss an impending camping trip.

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Black Out


Nothing like a beer that can completely blot out Wally.  Perfection.

Nothing like a beer that can completely blot out Wally. Perfection.



Wally's not the only thing that gets a lil fuzzy....

Wally’s not the only thing that gets a lil fuzzy….




Episode 9a – The Dudes Man Up – Part I

ep 9 a

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Manning Up.  It’s like Cowboying Up, but without the hats.  The Dudes discuss a few things that will send their manliness straight to the moon while kicking back with a sampler pack that will have the testosterone bursting out of your body.

  • DUDE BREWS - Another Wisconsin sampler!  Stevens Point Brewery, a monster pack with 6 different beers ranging from very light to crazy dark–a full spectrum pack!
  • LESS POPS, MORE HOPS - The premiere of Dynamite Dude 2′s pop screen…and also the nickname “Dynamite Dude 2.”
  • MAN ITEMS – With the popularity of the Vader Vodka Fridge, the Dudes spitball plans for an official 2 Dudes fridge, followed up by “Top 5 Manly Items to Make Dudes into Men.”
  • WALLY NEWS – A very manly batch of news stories, strange laws, and advice to keep you on the “Man Path.”

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The Boss

The Boss


View from the Pop (Screen)

View from the Pop (Screen)


Now THAT'S a frosty pint!

Now THAT’S a frosty pint!


So much on the docket we needed a cliffhanger.

So much on the docket we needed a cliffhanger.


Mikel’s Manly Show Notes

  • No real proof….but I think that’s the strongest sampler pack I’ve ever drank.
  • Apparently “manly” is a synonym for “vulgar.”
  • My Number #1 Man Item Pick
  • Cooking with beer!  Check out my other other blog for more Dude Brew action.
  • Thoughts on the cliffhanger?  Dig it?



Episode 8 – GDND – Grownup Drinking Ninja Dudes

ep 8

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The Dudes knuckle up as the Fisherman’s Picnic descends upon the quiet little town of Grand Marais.  Neither mutants nor robots NOR old people NOR ‘Sconnies could stop this episode from packing an audio punch!  Cowabunga!

  • Dude Brews – A very special sampler pack from across the border in New Glarus, WI.
  • Fish Pic! What the Dudes are looking forward to (and fearing, in some cases) about the biggest Grand Marais event of the summer.  Even bigger than Wally’s birthday.  (Shocker!)
  • Wally News – now with even MORE penis news.
  • D2-5 – The premiere of a new segment turns into an in-depth discussion of all things Ninja: Turtles, weapons, hopes, and dreams.

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Simply Divine

Much like the Dudes this episode....

Much like the Dudes this episode….

Lookin' Good, MKA Studios

Lookin’ Good, MKA Studios

On the docket.

On the docket.


Striking resemblance

Mikel’s Radical Show Notes: