Episode 16 – What We Dude on Our Summer Vacation

ep 16

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SUMMER BLOWOUT! Everything must go! Not really, but it’s fun to say. We are blowin’ out the tires on this whole summer thing, recapping our sweet, sweet summer vacays and giving you a smooooooth transition into the fall. We rank/debate our top summer flicks. Dude 2’s bringing a legit Dude Brew sampler into the mix that will hopefully spice things up, while Dude 1’s Dude Brews might be…less than legit. On top of all that, we see what’s bigger: Thor’s Hammer or Wally’s Marvel Boner and we find out how Mikel stacks up against a teenage girl. Plus, how Wisconsin is Wally–really?


steph devil



Dude 2’s Fave Ice Bucket Challenge Video:


Episode 15 – 2 Professional Drunk Dudes

ep 15

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Yikes. Are you guys in for a treat. And by treat, we mean ‘shit show.’ Due to some audio issues, the Dudes ended up having, like, 3 hard liquor cocktails before the show even started. Is that good or bad? You’ll find out. From recaps of Independence Day and–arguably more important–the new film Transformers: Age of Extinction to Wally’s Drunken Senior Citizen news to Mikel’s Mystery Dude Brew, the Dudes are keeping it professional. Professional drunk, that is.

Expect shocking revelations such as:

  • Aliens are real!
  • Doritos are racist!
  • Mikel’s Transformers drama!
  • Vodka is great!
  • Words are hard!

Timestamp 1:43:33 = Priceless.





Wally thinks THIS is better than the new Transformers movie:


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Episode 14 – 2 Dudes 2 Woods

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The Dudes are back! Again! Summer is here which is really the optimal time for doing 2 Dudes, so the boys are back in the studio…sort of. You’re used to the Dudes phoning it in, but get ready for them to Skype it in! That’s right, the Dudes are remote this week and you’ll find out why. It’s going to CHANGE. EVERYTHING.

But some things never change. The Dudes are chatting summer movies, summer brewskies, fashion and frivolity. And as a BONUS, this monster jam-packed episode also includes the premiere of the official “Grand Rapids Tuxedo” theme song! So SHIT your P’s and turn UP your listening devices because the Dudes are about ready to LOSE THEIR S!

Pretty much sums up the Dudes' political views.




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Episode 13 – The Dudes of War

ep 13

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WAR is the word of the day. For starters, it’s a battle for the mic–4 dudes, 3 microphones, and everyone thinks their God’s gift to radio. Josh is back as Dude 3, and the Dudes welcome the latin sensation known as Nico discussing–at length–his views on Chilean Law, Peru’s new coast, and a sex monster from the Philippines. A twist on the Dude Brew Sampler this week, Dude 2’s sensitive side, and wrap it all up with a lighter side look at weapons and fear. Let the battle begin!

*This episode is laced with the musical stylings of Queen. Don’t sue us.


Dude 2’s Mystery Sampler of Intrigue!

...the hell?

…the hell?



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Episode 12 – The Dudes Strike Back

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New year, new dudes.  After a long, long, LONG hiatus, the Dudes get back in the saddle with special guest Josh sitting in as Dude 3. We’re talkin’ resolutions, professionalism, the year in film, Wally News, the revolutionary new Beer Church, and, of course, the Dude Brew Sampler Pack.  Join us as we shake off the dust and stretch the proverbial radio legs.









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Episode 11 – The Dudes Reset

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RESET!  RESET!  Much like the archaic 8-bit Nintendos of yore, the Dudes press the proverbial RESET button and take things back to their roots.  No cannibalism, no nicknames, no beers from Wisconsin.  Just Dudes doin’ their thing…like inventing fashion statements such as “North Shore Gangster.”

  • Dude Brew!  The Sampler that Almost Wasn’t:  The Summer Montage from Odell.
  • Civilized Dudes!  Adventures in the Big City!
  • Culture Swine!  A summer movie breakdown and a heads-up on coming fall movies.  The Dudes make their picks.
  • Wally News!  No penis news–Reset! Reset!–but prepare to get puckin’ fumped about new Star Wars rumors, Transformers talk, Mark Wahlberg impressions, and the Affleck/Batman controversy continues (or comes to the North Shore finally), and what trumps the Vader Fridge???

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The last of the Summer Samplers.

The last of the Summer Samplers.



State Fair Recap - included MN craft beers!

State Fair Recap – included MN craft beers!



The Flights of Dude 2


NSG - North Shore Gangster

NSG – North Shore Gangster

Mikel’s Retrospective Show Notes

  • I have nothing to say here….Just listen to this:

Bonus Download – The Fiber One Incident

Episode 10 – Dudes Gone WILD

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Click to download this episode!

Nature.  Wilderness.  Jungle.  Concrete Jungle.  No matter what you call it, the Dudes have to face facts–they live in the extreme north wilderness of Minnesota.  The ramp-up towards camp-out continues as a Dude 3 sits in to discuss survival in the WILD.

Probably not “Concrete Jungle.”

  • Hop Trouble – We polish off the last of the Wisconsin summer samplers: The Rush River Summer Mixer.  Only 3 beers in this thing…what’s the  mystery 4th beer?
  • Dude 3 in the House – Camping guru/masseuse/breadmaker Josh drops in to remind the Dudes to “Remember Nature” and prepare them for the North Woods.
  • Sidehill Gouger! – Mysterious creatures of the North Woods and the reemergence of the Wendigo…or 3 of’em?
  • Wally News – Unfortunately no penis news because the news gets cut a little, uh….short by a, umm, surprise guest.

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Dude Brew

Dude Brew

dude count EP 10

Dude Count

Feed the Rush

Feed the Rush

Click if you just can't wait the 4th brew reveal.

Click if you just can’t wait the 4th brew reveal.

Darkness descends on MKA Studios....even BEFORE we finish the sampler!

Darkness descends on MKA Studios….even BEFORE we finish the sampler!

Real darkness.

Real darkness.

What the hell is this thing?!

What the hell is this thing?!


Mikel’s Hyperboreal Show Notes: